Paying Attention to What We Pay Attention To

What would your life be like if you were able to focus your attention on
three priorities for a week? What if you were able to concentrate and focus on
those activities, in spite of distractions?

“In the final analysis, the quality of our life depends on our ability to
consciously choose who and what we give our thoughts, interests, moments and
emotions to.” — Author Sam Horn, in Conzentrate: Get Focused and Pay
Attention – When Life Is Filled With Pressures, Distractions, and Multiple

Few people understand what concentration means, or how important a role it plays
in our lives. Life consists of what we pay attention to. If we focus on
meaningful, positive things, we’ll have a meaningful, positive life. If we focus
on meaningless, negative things, we’ll have a meaningless, negative life. This
is simplistic and also enduringly profound: one of life’s great truths.

Our experience is what we attend to.” —William James

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts.”— Buddha

The full article consists of the following important concepts:

Why Concentration Is so Important
The Pareto Principle
Five Keys to Concentration
TIME: Thoughts, Interests, Moments & Emotions
The Power of Priority
Working with Your Coach

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