Presentations that Persuade and Motivate

Almost everyone feels a bit nervous about delivering a presentation before a group. Some people claim they’d rather undergo a root canal than manage the anxiety associated with giving a speech.

Follow some basic guidelines for preparation and delivery, and you can transform your nervousness into positive energy that achieves the results you desire.

Giving effective presentations is not something you want to delegate or avoid. Sooner or later, you’ll be called upon to make a presentation to an audience—perhaps your direct reports, other managers, your superiors, customers and/or industry colleagues. Managers who can deliver successful speeches have greater opportunities for career advancement.

Don’t rely on your innate intelligence or charm! Intuition can carry you through many phases of your career, but leaving presentations to chance—or simply winging them—is risky. Your career’s trajectory could be on the line.

The secrets to successful presentations are simple, based on common sense. Many people, however, fail to employ them.


Here’s what the full article covers:

Step One: Purpose
Step Two: Know Your Audience
Step Three: Structure Your Presentation
Strengthening Your Presentation
Managing Anxiety

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