Rekindle Your Creative Thinking

ID-10071189Creativity is something you practice, not just a talent you’re born with. ~ Tom Kelley and David Kelley, IDEO

According to a global IBM survey of chief executives, creativity is the most sought-after trait in leaders today.

Without continual breakthroughs, Facebook, Google, Apple, Procter & Gamble and General Electric couldn’t sustain success. 

It starts with an innovation mindset. Creativity isn’t something that’s learned, as much as rediscovered. Most people are born creative. Just look at children to see how naturally they use their imaginations. But somewhere around adolescence, we begin to stifle our creative impulses as we become more aware of what other people think.

We learn to be more cautious and analytical. This tendency becomes even more pronounced as we join organizations that favor critical thinking. As we become mature contributors to corporate culture, we are continually rewarded for our analytical abilities.

Creative thinking takes a backseat, except in breakthrough situations. But you cannot achieve such innovations unless your company’s culture supports new ideas—even those that fail.

In “Reclaim Your Creative Confidence” (Harvard Business Review, December 2012), Tom Kelley and David Kelley of IDEO identify four common fears that block our best ideas from coming to fruition:

  1. The messy unknown
  2. Being judged
  3. Taking the first step
  4. Losing control

This article explores why creative thinking gets stifled, the four fears that block good ideas, and suggests steps for improving innovative success.

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Fear of the Messy Unknown
  • Fear of Being Judged
  • Fear of Taking the First Step
  • Fear of Losing Control
  • Focus on the Future
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • The Challenge for Executives

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