“Reprint Rights”

When you purchase articles from Content for Coaches and Consultants with “reprint rights,” they can be used to build your credibility and expertise by publishing them in your newsletter, or on your blog and website.

This is why you get the content with “full reprint rights.” You can modify them, add your own stories, or use them “as is,” and put your name on them. We sell you non-exclusive reprint rights.

However, you can’t use these articles to resell in any form such as an e-book, book, or other publication form without my permission. You cannot resell these articles to other users. Please call me if you want to do so and we can probably work together to find a reasonable solution: 858-224-5886.

You should not submit “as is” articles to article directories for distribution on the web. You may rewrite the articles so they are original and personal. Make them shorter. Add your own examples of the work you do with clients. Change the title. This way you will avoid being perceived and banned as an author who uses another writer’s materials.

You have reprint rights that are non-exclusive, therefore it is in your best interest to add your own personal experiences and stories to the articles. This will also make the articles more interesting to your readers.

We provide research data on the topic, with appropriate citations. It is up to you to personalize the articles to make them less generic, less academic, and more personal.

“Can I reprint an article in my local newspaper?”

I received an email from a subscriber who had purchased an article and wanted to republish it in a local newspaper. He asked if this was permissible. My answer: “Yes, as long as you add something personal to make it more authentic. Make sure they spell your name right and include your website and email address.”

I want my subscribers to get maximum mileage out of the articles. That is the whole purpose: to provide quality content you can use in your newsletters, blogs and websites.

In the interest of full disclosure, I submit my own modified version of each article to article submission directories with my name and website URLs for marketing purposes. I always change the title, and shorten the articles and revise them. Some article directories discourage the use of other people’s written material unless you have exclusive rights and the material is 100% original. Other directories will take articles as long as they are not duplicate articles. It is up to you to modify content to make it your own.

Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D. cannot be held responsible for complaints or legal actions once you purchase an article and use it as your own. Once you use the article in your materials you are responsible for the content and it’s use. Always keep references to sources intact, such as citations to books and articles.

We are open to writing articles on topics you suggest. We hope you get good feedback from your readers. Please let us know how we can help you.

Patsi Krakoff, Psy.D.
Chief Writer, Editor, and Coffee Gal