Secrets of Successful Careers: Finding Your Core Purpose & Strengths

Are there secret keys to having a rewarding and personally satisfying career?
Why do some people get promotions that bring out their best talents, while
others—equally talented—never seem to get the positions where they can thrive
and show their strengths?

According to Gallup research only twenty percent of people report that they are
in a role at work where they have a chance to do what they do best every day.

Not being able to connect with your strengths puts the grind into daily work.
This leads to feelings of boredom, frustration, and being unfulfilled. For some,
work then becomes an energy drain.

When we spend so much of our waking time at work, shouldn’t we try to make that
time rewarding and fulfilling? Unfortunately, many of us feel trapped in
mediocre careers for which we blame poor leadership, problems and lack of
opportunities in organizations.

Simply changing jobs or changing organizations is not the answer. Why change
seats on the Titanic? The answer to career fulfillment and success lies within
you; it is up to you to find the passion and key success factors no matter where
you are, or which organization you work for.

In spite of having a degree of success at your job, even at the executive level,
there may be times that you experience dissatisfaction or emptiness. This may
come at a mid-career point, a life transition or crisis, or when a promotion
doesn’t materialize. You begin to ask yourself if you have true meaning in the
work you do.

Early on in your career, it was probably much clearer which career decisions
were to your advantage. You plotted out your ascension and went after career
enhancing goals. By mid-career, the ladder has moved quite a bit. With flatter
organizations and corporate restructuring, it can be a challenge to know how to
make the right career moves.

You are the only one in charge of your career, even when you have a trusted
mentor or coach to turn to. Ultimately the career choices you make will
determine how satisfied and engaged you will be in your job.

The full article discusses the following concepts:

You Are in Charge
Three Core Questions
The Power of Purpose & Energy
Ambition is Never Enough
The Tools for Self-Knowledge
Finding Your Core Strengths
Stop Doing What You Don’t Like!

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