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Your expert ebook is written and designed to solidify trust and credibility with your targeted readers and will further your reputation as a thought leader in your field. It will communicate solutions to the most common problems and challenges your ideal clients experience.

An expert ebook is a combination of an in-depth article to inform readers along with content marketing strategies for your business or service using psychological persuasion. Furthermore, it is optimized with keyword phrases to extend your reach through online search tools and social networks.

The more information you can give me about you and your targeted readers (potential clients), the better.

Let’s get started.

  1. I need access to all your websites, blogs, articles, brochures, marketing materials and resume. If you have written any books, please send me a copy of the most relevant, or at least a copy of a good review. I prefer digital books for my Kindle, but you can also send any PDF. Of course, printed copies are appreciated, but email me for my mailing address.
  2. If you have started a book but it is not complete, send me your outline and what you have done so far.
  3. I need direction from you for focusing your expert ebook so that we provide valuable, relevant information to your readers. We want your ebook to set you apart as a credible expert, a thought leader, and a star consultant/ speaker/ expert worthy of hiring.
  4. Please email your responses to the questionnaire below, as soon as possible. If you struggle with any of these questions, just skip them, make a note and we’ll discuss on our phone appointment.

Please email your answers as soon as possible to Patsi. We cannot start the research until we receive this information.

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The next steps:

Please read the Expert Ebook Writing Process outline so you understand next steps.

Please download and save this outline of the Expert Ebook Writing Process :

 Expert Ebook Process

Thanks for your time. The more complete your answers, the better I will be able to deliver an exceptional Expert Ebook for your business needs.

I look forward to receiving your responses.

Patsi Krakoff