The Art of Giving Feedback

“Getting people to welcome feedback was the hardest thing I ever had to do as an educator.”  ― Professor Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Everything is connected today. We need to collaborate with others to succeed in our relationships, life and work. For that, we need to develop the art of giving feedback and critiques

In its original sense, feedback is the exchange of information about how one part of a system is working, with the understanding that it affects everyone else within the system. If any part veers off course, prompt remediation is critical.

Feedback is every organization’s lifeblood — the mechanism that lets people know whether they’re doing a good job or if their efforts need to be fine-tuned, upgraded or entirely redirected. In a marriage, feedback determines whether each partner can adapt to the needs of the individual, couple and family.

Most people, however, are uncomfortable when giving or receiving feedback. It’s one of the most important tasks to master, but we procrastinate and try to avoid it altogether. Problems invariably worsen over time, so we need to use feedback to find solutions that help us adapt and adjust.

In a study of 108 managers and white-collar workers, researchers found that most conflicts were caused by inept criticism (ahead of mistrust, personality struggles, and disputes over power and pay). After harsh criticism, people refuse to collaborate or cooperate, leading to stonewalling and disengagement.

This 900-word article summarizes research on the importance of feedback and makes four suggestions known to work when giving feedback, plus tips on how to receive it.


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The full article talks about:

  • Positive vs. Negative Feedback
  • How to Give Effective Feedback
  • How to Receive Feedback

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