The Art of the Goal: (Part 2) Aligning with Identity and Values

Begin with the end in mind,” encourages Stephen Covey. Before you can
set meaningful goals for yourself, you need to know where you want to go. If you
clearly understand where you want to be, you can make sure your actions bring
you closer to that place each and every day.

Corporations spend billions every year on strategic planning. Executives involve
themselves in similar planning sessions with their executive coaches—they
examine their strengths and weaknesses, they look at their career and personal
goals, and make decisions about where and how to spend their time and energy.

Life coaches do the same things with individuals. They explore and clarify your
identity, your values, and your true purpose in life. How can you know what you
need to do, where you need to spend your time and energy, if you don’t know what
is most important to you? This is difficult and important work.

Goal setting is not easy. It is hard work requiring time and thought. It means
soul searching. Fear of failure—and fear of success—can stop you from setting
clear goals and achieving them. But with preparation and the help of your coach,
you can unleash the energy and passion to achieve your goals beyond your

The full 1,000 word article contains the following concepts:

Begin with the End in Mind
Know Where You’re Going
Examine your Identity
Questions for Self-Awareness
Define your Values
Prioritizing Areas of Value
Establish your goal

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