The Art of the Goal (Part 3): What’s so SMART about Goals?

Goals are exciting and energizing. They drive us to achieve beyond our
expectations. They make it easier for us to focus and concentrate, and give us
permission to say “no” to distractions. Then dreams really do come true. But
unless you spend time to explore, plan and prioritize, setting the wrong goals
can lead to disappointment and disillusion. This saps your energy and

It is crucial that you motivate both your mind (what you think you should do)
and your heart (what you value). It is difficult to examine your values,
beliefs, and true purpose without a trusted partner such as a coach. Once you
have explored with your coach what is really important to you in your life
(career, family, community, your values and purpose), it should become clear
what you need to do. Your goals are a natural extension of your values.

Goal Setting is Not for Sissies!

If you have prioritized 3 areas or values in your life, you are ready to set
your goals. Three is an ideal number, as more than that can disperse your focus
and concentration. You should be prepared to spend time, money and energy on
achieving these goals. Remember, goal setting is not for sissies! It requires
sacrifice. You have to really want to achieve them and be willing to say “no” to

At this point you’re ready to cast those ideas into the form of a SMART goal. A
SMART goal is:





T—time framed

There are no failures. With your coach, you can review your shortages without judgment. This is where real learning about yourself takes place. With a coach, reviewing the reasons for incompletion tells us something about
our true values, competing commitments, real priorities and gives us invaluable information about what really matters to us.

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Goal Setting is Not for Sissies!
Prepare First
What is a SMART Goal?
What to Do When Goals are Incomplete

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