The Blind Leading the Blind: Why You Really Need a Coach

Most successful people are self-directing and self-managing. They take
initiative and they have discipline. They know their strengths and weaknesses.
They have action plans to follow in order to avoid procrastination and keep on
track with goals.

So why would successful people seek out the services of a coach? Why do so many
executives – who are already in top positions – demand an executive coach as
part of their benefits package? Because they know from experience that even
their highly refined ability to see what is needed is limited by their own
assumptions and beliefs.

It is like the blind leading the blind when you only have yourself to turn to.

A coach can help you see what you can’t see yourself. A good coach will ask the
right kinds of questions – the kinds you can’t answer right away, the ones that
make you think. If you only have yourself as a coach, you may be missing an
opportunity to explore beyond your assumptions and beliefs, both the limiting
and empowering.

The full 1,000-word article discusses the following concepts:

Why Successful Executives Demand Coaches
Defining Beliefs, Assumptions, Values and Attitudes
Two Kinds of Beliefs, Empowering and Limiting
The Questions that Challenge
Discovering What Really Matters
Inventing New Beliefs

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