The End of Management as We Know It

Management is out of date. The principles upon which we run companies haven’t evolved to keep pace with the rapid changes of 21st-century business needs.

Most companies continue to operate on management principles formulated in the last century and based on manufacturing needs.

Like the combustion engine, it’s a technology that has stopped evolving. This isn’t good because management—the capacity to marshal resources, lay out plans, schedule work and spur effort—is central to influencing human behavior.

When management is less effective than it needs to be, companies—and people— pay the price. What constrains most organizations’ performance is not their operating or business models, but their management models.

While most companies have methodologies for product innovation, rarely do they examine their management processes.

In recent years, there has been a push to systematically reinvent business processes and systems for the sake of speed and efficiency.

Curiously, so few companies apply any attention to the kind of innovation that matters most: management innovation.


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Why Reinvent Management?
Overcoming Trade-Offs
What’s Different Now?
Strategic Inertia
Management Innovation Defined
How to Become a Management Innovator
Commit to a Big Problem
Search for New Principles
Deconstruct Your Management Orthodoxies
Exploit the Power of Analogy
Get Innovative

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