The FANS of Focus

FocusBirds do it. Bees do it. All humans do it, but not always well or for long. Focus is a primary ability of all living creatures, built into DNA as a necessary skill for thriving in nature. When humans pay attention and focus fully on a task, they learn, understand, and act decisively.

But human beings, although blessed with smart brains, aren’t always good at focusing attention and overriding distractions, often with dire consequences.

Focus on the wrong thing, an accident ensues. Let attention wander, take a wrong turn. Forget to call a client or listen well, miss a sale and lose that bonus.

To become genuinely productive in today’s world requires seizing control of focus. With full attention to focus, mental resources get used most effectively.

At the opposite pole, most of the mistakes adults make are caused by loss of focus and attention. Beyond the mistakes, losing focus simply means less productivity, understanding, and enjoyment of everyday human activities. In sum, paying attention is critical to all learning to adjust actions and to achieve desired outcomes.

This article explores the skill of focus and attention, and offers a four step method to improve focus for better communication, understanding and productivity.

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Focus is a skill
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Conversations with focus


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