The Innovator’s Paradox

ID-10088165When’s the best time to implement change?

Before you need to do so.

In a world of accelerating product and technology developments, the way you handle your job today is far different from when you first started out. Business in the 21st century is continuously reinvented and innovated. If you resist change, thriving and surviving may prove elusive.

Companies that focus on innovation not only keep pace, but drive change. Think beyond adaptation; look toward making significant contributions that shape the future.

If you and your organization fail to innovate, you’re on the path to stagnation and obsolescence. Today’s competitive advantages will not be tomorrow’s.

Can you identify fresh trends and walk away from outdated core competencies, when necessary? Are you actively preparing new products and services?

Organizations adapt only if their people do. This means that everyone — leaders, managers and staff — must acquire an innovation mindset to improve today’s job performance and prepare for future demands.

Whenever start-ups clobber big companies, the writing was almost always on the wall. Everything looked fine — until the day it didn’t. Will your business be ready before that day comes?

This article examines the paradox of innovation, explores the four phase process, and suggests ways to acquire innovative qualities. 


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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Innovation Is a Discipline
  • Enemies of Innovation
  • The Four Phases of Innovation:
    1. Innovation Starts with the Customer
    2. From Idea to Plan
    3. Assessing and Testing Ideas
    4. Putting Plans to Work
  • Acquiring Innovative Qualities

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