The Leadership Void: The Problem That Isn’t Going Away

Most executives and HR specialists know a large percentage of baby boomers will retire over the next five to 10 years — and with them, 50% of the CEOs of major companies. But as with Hurricane Katrina, we see it coming and aren’t doing enough: We remain woefully unprepared.

Some 75 million U.S. workers will retire soon. The talent to replace them will be chosen from the next generation of only 45 million available workers. Globally, with economies growing rapidly, the demand for leaders is outstripping the supply.

A huge leadership void is looming, and major companies are unprepared to meet this challenge. This problem isn’t going away. With a shrinking pool of talent to choose from, the stakes and costs will be daunting.

A few organizations have invested heavily in leadership development, and they’re already seeing a handsome return on investment. In fact, the top 20 companies for leadership development show significant bottom-line advantages.


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Top 20 Companies for Leaders
Shrinking Pools Everywhere
Why Good Leaders Matter
Homegrown Versus External Imports
Leadership Incubation: Time Is Running Out
7 Best Practices
A Motivating Work Climate
Growth Factors Versus Derailers
Job Rotations
How People Grow


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