The Lure of Procrastination: 6 Things to Ignore

Given the results of procrastination – hurried work, mistakes, stress, missed deadlines – it’s a wonder why anyone would put off what can be done right away. And yet who doesn’t let projects slide, especially ones we don’t like doing?

If you find yourself procrastinating on a task, try thinking of it in very specific and concrete terms to encourage you to complete it sooner.

It’s important to not let your mind wander by trying to analyze why you’re stuck and why you’re putting it off. Instead, focus on breaking the project up into small, manageable parts.

This helps get the ball rolling and reduces the size of the task (and the accompanying emotional baggage) so it immediately becomes more doable. Start with something small and then move on to the next step.

This requires that you ignore six things:

  1. Your mind
  2. Your emotions
  3. The clock and the calendar
  4. Your stress
  5. Distractions
  6. Your excuses

This article presents practical steps for finding motivation, focus and concentration to bust out of procrastination.


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