The Meaning of Life – In 25 Words or Less

What is the meaning of life – and could you sum it up in 25 words? What if
someone offered you $10,000 for your best description?

The website is running such a contest, and while it may
be a marketing ploy, it’s an astute one. Who isn’t intrigued by this question?

But what if there are no meanings to life, except those we choose? As new-age
gurus assert, “It’s all made up, anyway!” Or, as religious doctrines proclaim,
“Follow God’s will for you. This is the true meaning of life.”

Between “any which way you want” and “His way or the highway (to hell),” many
decisions must be made along the way. No one, to date, has written the
definitive guidebook, despite several gurus’ and religious leaders’ claims. And
even if one rigorously held to the tenets of such a book, there’s still room for

The full article covers the following concepts:

Examine your identity
Define your values
6 universal values
Identify your strengths and virtues
6 categories of virtues

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short (630 words) available for use in your newsletters, blogs and web site

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