The Risks of Working for a People Pleasing Leader

Working for someone who is a people-pleaser may seem fairly innocuous or even desirable, but such leaders pose daunting challenges for their organizations. If you work for a people-pleaser, you most likely see the inherent problems and confess to seeking ways to maneuver around them.

People-pleasing leaders have some beneficial traits, but their behaviors can threaten survival in today’s highly competitive and responsive business climate: indecisiveness, lack of direction, inability to retain adequate personnel, low accountability and overall inefficiency.

People-pleasers have an excessive compulsion to be liked and appear likable. This tendency impedes their ability to influence results. Leadership coaching can help them learn several helpful approaches to combating the problem.

This article explores the risks of working for a people-pleasing leader, provides three steps to improve self-awareness and build confidence, and five behavioral tips to set expectations and boundaries.

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Are you a people-pleaser?
  • The good, bad, and the ugly
  • A personality style
  • Inner workings
  • Blind spots
  • Suggested steps for people-pleasers
  • Working for a people-pleaser

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