The Science of Happiness:
5 Ways to Improve

Emoticon for HappinessAre the happiest people blessed with luck that bestows a better life and fewer worries? Or, should we attribute their emotional fulfillment to character strengths and mind power?

Happiness research, a field known as “positive psychology,” is chockfull of relevant findings. Some of the latest research suggests that people who focus on purposeful living are more likely to enjoy good mental health and longevity, as compared with those whose primary goal is achieving happiness.

If you’re highly satisfied with your life, you’re less likely to suffer from psychological or social problems, physical illnesses, stress and work issues. 

Everyone, at one time or another, experiences bad luck and the problems life throws at us. But is it possible that some individuals are genetically wired to be happier? And if you’re not among them, what can you do to improve your level of satisfaction?

This article explores the science of happiness, the 5 character strengths that influence our satisfaction, and suggests 5 ways you can improve your happiness.


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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • Hardwired for happiness
  • We are poor forecasters
  • The little things count
  • 5 Character strengths
  • 5 Ways to boost your happiness


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