The Succession Solution: Apprenticeship Model

CEO turnover has increased sharply in recent years. CEOs are failing sooner and falling harder, leaving companies in turmoil. At all levels, companies are short on quantity and quality of potential leaders.

There’s something wrong with leadership development practices. Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in finding successors for top jobs — and worse, so many leaders fail shortly after landing their positions.

Leadership matters. It motivates people beyond their limitations, unleashes energy and gives people direction, synchronizing their efforts.

Financial results define where a company has already been. In contrast, leadership is a key indicator of the company’s prospects.

The quality of leadership at every level has a huge impact on everyday operations, and it determines every worker’s level of engagement.

That’s why companies spend so much money on elaborate leadership development programs. Nonetheless, succession planning and leadership development simply aren’t working.

Directors, CEOs, HR executives and other business leaders have fared poorly at selecting and developing organizational leaders. They don’t seem to understand what makes a leader or what the job entails. They focus on the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

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A New Approach
Early Recognition of Leadership Talent
All Levels Participate
Assessment: Does Your Company Know?
Spotting the Right Leadership DNA
Customizing Growth Paths
The Role of Bosses
Managing the Apprenticeship System
Take Charge of Your Own Career

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