The Under-Management Epidemic

Under-Management Epidemic

Are you part of the under management epidemic, or are you a truly engaged manager?

A recent survey reports 9 out of 10 managers are providing insufficient oversight—a problem that consultant Bruce Tulgan calls the “under-management epidemic.”

Ten years ago, research from Rainmaker Thinking, Inc., confirmed an epidemic of workplace under-management. The firm’s ongoing study reveals that under-managing remains rampant. A full 90% of all leaders and managers do not provide direct reports with sufficient guidance, support and coaching.

Under-managing occurs when leaders with supervisory authority fail to regularly and consistently provide employees with five vital management basics:

  1. Clear statements of broad performance requirements and specific expectations
  2. Support and guidance regarding resources necessary to meet requirements and expectations
  3. Accurate monitoring, measurement and documentation of individuals’ actual performance
  4. Regular candid feedback about actual performance
  5. Rewards and penalties distributed in proportion to actual performance

What makes the problem worse is that most managers are unaware of their deficient administration:

  • Fifty percent think they’re doing an “excellent” or “very good” job of managing direct reports.
  • Twenty percent believe they’re doing a “reasonably good” job.
  • Nearly 50% fail to provide all of the management basics to every direct report even once a year.

This article explores research on under-management and suggests specific steps for highly structured, high-substance conversations that boost productivity and overall quality.

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • The Under Management Epidemic
  • Costs and Causes
  • Cure for Under-Management
  • Energy and Time Drains
  • “High Structure”/”Substance” Conversations

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