Video: Professional Quality, Low Fee, Big Results

blue-man-footageAre you adding video clips to your blog and website? Here’s what you need to know. Right now, video has a great chance of getting you first page listings when a prospect does a search on the Internet.

Let me repeat: Video helps your search engine rankings.

It’s true. I won’t go into the techy details, but at least for now, the field is wide open. A short video clip, even if it’s not spectacular, has a great chance of coming up in search results.

Check out this page: iFlashVideo (there’s no cost to join list to find out more).

The eye is attracted to images, and really attracted to moving images. Which means you need to capture your business and your personality on video. And it’s easier than you might think, no expensive equipment necessary.

But the window of opportunity won’t stay open for long. Those coaches and consultants who put a professional-quality video onto their sites will have a clear advantage in getting found by the people they can help.

“They”… I mean “YOU!” But what’s a busy professional to do?

I suggest you sign up to find out more about a special video membership service with the folks at

Right now, would be a good time to sign up for a video membership service called, before it closes on Monday, February 15, 2010.

There’s no fee to get on the list, and no obligation to join. But you do have to get on the list to get the information that explains what’s involved.

They aren’t being secretive about the costs: $149 to join, and $49/month for a new video clip. If you decide to join, that’s fine. But you won’t get the chance unless you’re on their list when the doors open sometime on Monday, February 15, 2010. They have a limited number of memberships that will be available.

Sign up using my affiliate link, please. They are running some kind of crazy leads contest and I could win a TV or a computer, or maybe an Amazon gift card. You know how I love books!

It won’t cost you anything to find out more about this, and then you can easily take yourself off the list if you’re not interested. I’ve used iFlashVideo and know they are honest and won’t use your email for anything other than this membership launch next week.

They did the video showing on my home page here, and now I’ll be changing it out each month thanks to their service. All I have to do is supply a script and they do the rest. This saves me a ton of time.

Don’t worry about all the many new online marketing tools that can overwhelm you. Just do the big important things for your online presence. Video is not only hot, it’s smart. Next to blogging, it’s the smartest thing you can do to get found, get known, and get clients with the Internet.

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