What Drives You? Understanding Our Motivations

Do you really understand what motivates you? Everyone knows how important it
is to “know yourself,” yet few people do. Really understanding your motivations
is a life-long challenge. Part of the problem lies in the fact that motivations
are subconscious, so deeply embedded that we don’t get a good look at them. They
are experienced as instinctive.

Are there basic drives that are common to all human beings? Which ones are
driving us in our daily lives? How are they influencing the choices you make?

The Balancing Act

There are drives that are innate and universal, found in some physical form in
the brains of all human beings. The drives are independent even though they are
highly interactive with each other.

Understanding how each of these drives shows up in your life can help you
understand how and why you make the choices you make. Working with your coach
can help you understand yourself better. You may be relying too much on your
drive to acquire, or placing too much emphasis in the drive to bond, while
neglecting your drive to learn. Often the drive to defend can overwhelm other
important drives that must be satisfied in order to have a well-balanced
successful life.

This is a synopsis of a 1,000-word article that includes the following concepts:

What motivates us?
How motivations and drives are subconscious
Freud, Maslow, McClelland and Spranger’s theories
A new theory of four basic drives
How they show up in modern living
The dark side of each drive
The balancing act
Working with your coach

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