What’s Your Thinking Style?

Thinking StyleWhat’s your thinking style? Just like we have personality preferences for introversion and extroversion, we also have preferred ways of thinking about problems.

Typically, we handle problems in a tried and true way that we’re comfortable with. We don’t even know we have a thinking style because it’s just who we are, yet we do have different ways of thinking. In fact, we may have six or seven different styles of seeking a decision.

Understanding how you think and how your teammates think could be essential for groups who must work together effectively. When you consider successful teams–though they are measured by what they produce–they function better when they have diverse thinking styles.

Research shows that it is ultimately how teams think together that most determines their performance. Instead of assigning groups based on personality traits, skills and strengths, managers might want to evaluate how potential members think.

This article explores thinking styles and how understanding habitual thinking patterns can impact perception, collaboration and productivity.

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The complete article includes these important concepts:

  • What’s your thinking style?
  • What is a thinking style?
  • 6 thinking hats
  • Two-dimensional thinking patterns


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