Winning the War for Leadership Talent

A common organizational mindset is to view jobs as ‘work to be done’ and not as developmental assignments.” – Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter and James Noel in The Leadership Pipeline, 2001

The demand for leadership talent greatly exceeds supply. If economic growth
continues at a modest 2 percent for the next 15 years, there would be a need for one-third more senior leaders than there are today.

Baby boomers have already started to retire. Most large companies will have to scramble to meet gaps in senior leadership talent.

The global and more dynamic economy of the 21st century requires executive talent with a more complex skill set:

  • Greater technological literacy
  • A sophisticated understanding of global marketplaces
  • Multicultural fluency
  • Relationship savvy, with extensive networks of alliances and stakeholders
  • Leadership skills over a delayered, disaggregated and virtual organization


The full, 2000 word article discusses these concepts:

Leaders and Complexity
Succession Planning in the 21st Century
Distinct Leadership Levels
The Leadership Pipeline
Tapping Leadership Potential
Defining Potential
Pipeline Passages
The Pipeline Perspective
The Leadership Pipeline and Succession Planning
Succession Planning to Fill the Pipeline

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