Your Coach Website: 4 Ways to Stand Out from the Others

How does your coach website stand out from your competitors’ sites? Want to know what you can do to optimize your online marketing to get found, get known and get clients? Here’s why this is important:

I’m going to ask you to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal clients. Imagine they’ve got a problem. Or they’re curious and maybe bothered about something. They think maybe they’d like to get some help and heard about a friend who has a coach.

Who do they call? Nobody, they go to Google! They start looking around for coach services. But let’s face it, there’s nothing fun or easy about searching online for the right coach to work with.

People start with a Web search for an executive coach. On the first page of search results, they see a few coaches that appear to be “their kind.”

They begin the tedious process of reviewing the coach websites, looking for something that attracts them.  After the second or third site, the web pages start blurring together. All the websites look similar, with pictures of attractive, well-dressed executive-types smiling.

Most coach websites have a ton of content they can read…There are pages and pages about the coach’s various programs, leadership development, team training, keynote speeches. Many explain “What is Coaching?”  – but it all sounds the same after a while and nothing connects or seems really helpful.

And then they click on your coach website. Right there, on the home page, the content is speaking to them, addressing their most pressing problems right off the bat.

Your home page addresses typical questions, and tells a story about a person you helped with coaching. Not only that, but you list four successful outcomes, measured in percentages.

…Solid results that sound really obtainable and desirable.

Their choices for what they need to do next are clear. Your website focuses on answering their questions, removing doubt and helping them understand what’s involved in arranging possible coaching.

In this way, your website differentiates your services from so many others by providing immediate and recognizable value that your prospects seek.

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? That’s what happens when your web pages are optimized with content marketing.

Here are four goals the content on your website must achieve to rise above the online clutter:

  1. Connect immediately: From the first few seconds, the look and feel of your site should build trust and rapport, by speaking to the concerns of prospective clients in need. When your site is more about their needs than it is about you, you’ll gain credibility. For example, a short video clip can address their most typical problems while giving them an overview of what next steps should be.  At the same time, video gives them an impression of what working with you is like.
  2. Answer questions and educate: Clients who seek coaching services are often not sure what they want or need. Your site should answer questions about the value of coaching, options for services, and basic processes. People may not necessarily want coaching, but they want to solve their problems and improve their lives.
  3. Provide choices: There are many decisions needed to enter a coaching relationship:  what kind of coaching, how often, how long, how much? Provide choices, but don’t confuse people with too much information. Keep it simple on your website. A confused mind with too many decisions to make will click away to another site.
  4. Take action: You want first time visitors to be compelled to learn more so you can follow-up with them by email. That is the primary action you want them to take. Get them curious enough to know more by filling out a simple form with their email. Access to a valuable report is typical.

Within the first ten seconds of landing on your site, visitors form an impression. They will decide to stay and learn more based on those first impressions. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your site inviting? Is it attractive?
  • Does it stand out from your competitors?
  • Does it do a good job of connecting with the immediate needs of people?
  • Does it provide enough information without confusing readers?

If not, then send me an email to me, and let’s discuss how you can upgrade your content marketing.

Learn how to get your quality online content to turn readers into real clients.


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