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The online ebook includes a Content Marketing Survey which will give you personalized results for your own content strategies. *You’ll learn how content marketing works on the Internet to build a database of prospects and clients who want more of what you have to sell.

You'll learn how content marketing works on the Internet to build a database of prospects and clients who want more of what you have to sell. Chapters include:

=> What is Content Marketing?
=> Steps before you write and publish
=> What is a Content Marketing Strategy?
=> What is a Content Marketing information product funnel?
=> How does content lead to sales?
=> What are the psychological triggers than turn readers into buyers?
=> What else is needed to profit from online content marketing?

Here's what readers are saying:

"This is better than an ebook, it's more like an online learning system or a tutorial. I love the easy to use format, the step-by-step learning guides. Thanks!" John Scott, Entreprenuer, Los Angeles

"What I really like is the short, direct presentation of ideas followed by the learning guides, checklists, and resources. This is a very effective presentation style." Ken Jones, Ph.D., Anchorage, Alaska

"Wow! It's obvious to me how much work you put into this ebook. I am certain that I will learn something new every single time I review the 'pages'. I am also very impressed with the delivery through KnowledgeGenie --looks like a very valuable tool to get that e-book written and delivered professionally and with pizzazz!

"I really love and appreciate the interactive nature of the book...made this more like being in a self-paced class than just reading and moving on. This forced me to answer the question....have I retained the knowledge? Am I ready to actually USE this information? Great feature!

"Best of luck to you with this ebook. It is phenomenally helpful to a beginner like me! Warmest regards!" Valri Hamilton, Infuse Coach and Consulting.

Jill Underwood from Overland Park, Kansas has this to say:

"I just reviewed your e-book and offer you the following feedback to your questions.

* Is the message clear? Yes, your message was very clear and concise.
* Is it easy to read and navigate? Yes, the book was very easy to read and navigate.
* Do you have any problems accessing the online ebook, and coming back to it when you want? It was easy to access on-line and should be very easy to find again.
* Is the information valuable? The information is very valuable to me as I am a new blogger. Your advice helps me to stay on track with my content.
* Were you able to take the online survey in the final chapter? Yes, I took the survey. It was easy, not time consuming, and very helpful in reminding me of the areas on which I need to work more.
* Is this free ebook something you'd recommend to your friends & colleagues? Yes. I have recommended your website to a friend in the past. I thought your information would help my friend with his blogging content as well.

"MyKnowledgeGenie is very easy to use and I like the format. Your writing is informational, you make me think, and you do so in an entertaining manner. Keep up the good work! "


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